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Solar PV System Installation

Leasing Options Available

  • Leasing Options Available - 100% of your energy for 80% of the cost. We do a site evaluation and design a system that will produce 100% of your energy needs then create a lease program which is set at 80% of what you are paying now. By the end of the lease agreement your energy costs will be significantly less than that of the average consumer paying retail rates.
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Solar PV Systems for Residential and Commercial

  • Hawk Energy Solutions is a full service photovoltaic integrator of solar pv systems ready to help consumers of energy stop the global warming trend and take full advantage of the economic advantages of producing your own energy.

    The Solar (PV) market stands to be the largest and best growth market of the next 20 years, a revolution in the way we produce and consume energy.  There are two reasons for this revolution, first is the need to improve our earth’s atmosphere and second because the economic advantages of producing your own energy are undeniable.  Currently the world is working very hard to deplete the fossil fuels from the earth and will accomplish this task in relatively short order.  Additionally the burning of these fuels is a very “dirty” process and is extremely damaging to the earth’s atmosphere causing an alarming global warming trend along with other scientific concerns.  However there is a solution – Alternative Energy.  From an economic standpoint, improvements in technology coupled with the level of government support for a shift in the energy markets have made solar pv a very viable option.  A solar pv system will stabilize your energy costs, provide a strong return on investment, increase your property value, provide a strong marketing tool, help to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, etc., etc., etc.

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