Global Warming and Our Environment

Even if we reduce our consumption by 20% the population is growing at a faster rate
. It is estimated the world will be 9 billion strong by 2043 which is a 50% growth rate, this according to the US Census Bureau, International Data Base, June 2009


Combat Global Warming with Solar Power

Global Warming – Carbon vs. Temperature

Scientists have long believed the earth is warming at a rapid pace and the main cause is the increased greenhouse gases such as CO2 emitted as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels. According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, eleven of the past 12 years are among the warmest on record since 1850.

Global Air Tempertaure Co2 increase

The graphs show a significant relationship between the increase in CO2 measured in parts per million and the global air temperature over the last 50 years.

Global Warming – effects on the environment

Melting of Arctic ice - Arctic Ice reaches it’s minimum each September, the smallest year on record being 2007.

Artcic Daily Sea Ice Extent

Warming oceans and rising sea level - Warming oceans and rising sea level – average rise of sea level has been 3.33mm per year since 1993. Previous to 1993 the trend was an average rise of 1.7mm per year

Change in Mean Sea Level

Changes in Weather Patterns - Rising temperatures and melting of arctic ice have caused changes in sea level and ocean temperatures in effect changing the patterns of ocean currents. All of these changes add up to changes in weather patterns causing stronger storms, more severe draughts, etc.

Changes in habitat - Rising sea level is decreasing habitat potential as islands and coastal areas are being depleted. The arctic ice melt has endangered the habitat of polar bears along with other arctic species. Changes in temperature cause migrations and extinction of species trying to migrate to cooler climates.

Increased Ozone depletion - As of September 17, 2009 the Ozone hole had reached 9.3 million square miles (24 million square km)


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